Catholic Parish of
The Most Holy Redeemer

The Most Holy Redeemer Gift Aid Scheme

Join the Gift Aid Scheme
What is Gift Aid and who can join?
What are the benefits of Gift Aid?
How much is this worth to the Parish?
How will this affect my tax return?
How much tax is reclaimable on a gift of £260 a year (£5 per week)?
What if the amount of tax to be reclaimed is more than the tax I paid?
I am a higher rate tax payer, how will this affect me?
How will I know how much I have given the parish each year?
If I join Gift Aid and cease to be a tax payer, can I cancel easily?
Will the amount of my offerings be known to anyone in the parish?
How do I make my offerings?
What about second collections and Easter and Christmas offerings?
Your Gift Aid Organiser

The Most Holy Redeemer. Diocese of Brentwood.
The Brentwood Diocesan Trust. Registered Charity No. 234092

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